Eva Tenter

Psychic Healer/ Medium

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Welcome to my website!

I am currently taking a break from translating my horoscopes into English. At the moment I do not know when I will resume the translations…

Resources that can currently be found on my website in English:

Online free Angel Cards

These cards contain messages that I have channelled from Spirit and the cards also display nature photos that I have personally taken.

The online free Angel Cards can be found here on this subpage of my website -> evatenter.com/tasuta-inglikaardid

Instructions for using the cards:

  1. Think of a question that you wish to present to your angels
  2. Close your eyes and focus on that question for 20 seconds
  3. When you open your eyes, then click on the Angel Card (circle-photo) that specifically draws your attention (seems particularly appealing) at that moment.
  4. When the photo opens, then you can see the message under that photo. Focus also on the photo itself, because it might contain additional messages for you.
  5. Come back to the Angel Cards page as often as you wish and ask as many more questions as your heart desires.

Free Weekly (Channelled) Horoscopes

The horoscopes that I make, are not regular astrological horoscopes. These are channelled horoscopes, where I have chosen a few angel or oracle (or other) cards for the week. I describe the prevailing energies of the week with the assistance of those cards and I also add any additional channelled messages that may come through.

My weekly horoscopes can be found here (by using this category link you can see all the weeklys that I have posted in English) -> https://evatenter.com/category/weekly-horoscopes/

I also share my weekly horoscopes to Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Therefore, if you wish to receive the respective notification immediately after I have posted the new weekly horoscope, then you can follow me on any one of these social media channels. The links to my social media profiles are available above, in the upper right corner of my website.

All yearly & quarterly horoscopes (that I have posted in English) can be conveniently found through this link:


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