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horoscope love relationships q2 2017

Love and Relationship Horoscope 2017 – Q2

April, May, June


This is a special horoscope dedicated to love and relationships in the second quarter of 2017. With this horoscope, the angels particularly wish to send advice and helpful messages to everyone, who is having trouble or difficulties in the general area of relationships.

Whereas the term relationships has the widest meaning in this horoscope (i.e. the messages that come through might be about romantic relationships and about relationships with friends, family members and acquaintances. In addition, the angels note that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourself. So the messages might also be about that topic.

EARTH SIGNS (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Messages from Spirit for all Earth Signs regarding love and relationships in Q2 of 2017

GENERAL THEME – Lessons regarding Communication

Gemstone for Q2 – Hematite
Color for Q2 – Orange

The quarterly gemstone and color mentioned above will help you best harness and handle the energies of Q2 with respect to love and relationships.

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – The plans are almost finished. Be patient a little longer. Number 4
Angel Tarot Card – The Lovers
Guardian Angel Tarot Card – Win-win solution. Number 14
Flower Therapy Card – Communicate with your angels. Bird-of-paradise

The combined messages of these cards are the following:

The angels say that during Q2 of 2017 you will be focusing on lessons regarding communication. More specifically, the earth signs will now learn, how to lovingly communicate with all types of people (friends, family members, colleagues, strangers etc).

You will now see how love always solves even the most difficult situations. You will learn that love is not something that should only be directed on that one special person, who you are connected to romantically. You can actually communicate lovingly with the entire world.

You have perhaps been a bit too critical towards other people so far. Most likely, you have especially been bothered by the fact that people are so different, which means that they need to be communicated with differently.

During Q2 you will experience a lot of situations that entail communication with people, who are particularly different from you. Before you would have probably seen those situations as irritating, but now you have to start seeing that the solution to such occurrences is love. You will learn that different qualities do not have to separate people. Differences can also be basis to new exciting endeavours. However, in order for these endeavours to emerge, you must first learn how to solve irritating situations with love.

My online angel card encourages you to be patient a little longer. With this, the angels are saying that you do not need to learn new things within seconds. Give yourself time to learn this new communication skill as well.

The flower therapy oracle card says that if you feel heaviness burdening you during Q2, then ask your angels for guidance. They are there to help you in all situations.

WATER SIGNS (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Messages from Spirit for all Water Signs regarding love and relationships in Q2 of 2017

GENERAL THEME – Important achievement

Gemstone for Q2 – Amber
Color for Q2 – Red

The quarterly gemstone and color mentioned above will help you best harness and handle the energies of Q2 with respect to love and relationships.

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – Teamwork will bring you success. Number 47
Angel Tarot Card – The Chariot
Guardian Angel Tarot Card – Healer of Emotions
Flower Therapy Card – Unity. Hibiscus

The combined messages of these cards are the following:

The angels say that during Q2 of 2017 the water signs will be focusing on important achievements.

These are achievements that are very much dear to your heart. Thereby they have a healing effect, although they might not be directly linked to healing your emotions. These achievements might for example be linked to your work issues instead.

In any case, you will experience an important step forward in Q2. This step is somehow related to teamwork, which means that other people are involved in this action. For some people, this event can also contain a specific material reward or public recognition.

The angels say that these events are happening with the purpose of showing you, how you are always energetically linked to other people. They also show you, how you can heal others through healing yourself.

It is likely that you will be dealing with a teamwork situation that seemed impossible to solve at some point, but then you shifted your own thinking about this situation, which in turn lead to big shifts and a giant step forward regarding this issue. Now you are being guided to look at this situation again in hindsight, so you would know how to move forward with this technique in the future as well.

There are not many restrictions in life (energetically speaking) and the most important thing to realise is that we are all energetically connected. Yes, on one hand we are separate human beings, but on the other hand we are a part of a bigger system. Whereas it should be noted that we are whole as a part as well, not just as the system. The energetic pattern of the universe is not easy to understand or easy to explain in “earth terms”. And actually, we do not have to understand it 100% in order to have a wonderful life. It is only important to understand that we are all connected, which means that by healing ourselves we heal others and the entire system.

FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Messages from Spirit for all Fire Signs regarding love and relationships in Q2 of 2017

GENERAL THEME – Make a decision and the blockage will disappear

Gemstone for Q2 – Smoky quartz
Color for Q2 – Pink

The quarterly gemstone and color mentioned above will help you best harness and handle the energies of Q2 with respect to love and relationships.

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – A half victory is also a victory. Leave behind what needs to be left and celebrate your half-victory at this time. Number 21
Angel Tarot Card – Seven of Water
Guardian Angel Tarot Card – Choose freedom. Number 15
Flower Therapy Card – Shield yourself. Bougainvillea

The combined messages of these cards are the following:

The angels say that during Q2 of 2017 you will be focusing on making a specific decision.

This decision is regarding a situation that has been lagging for too long and thereby draining you already too much. It is likely that you have not reached a decision so far, because you have felt that there is no right solution for this specific situation.

The angels say that you need to choose an alternative path in this case and that will lead you to freedom. To specify – you must choose a different path, then the one you initially wanted/ wished for.

At first you will probably think that this alternative path is not very pleasing or beneficial for you, but if you spend more time thinking about it, then you will also see, how this is currently the only way forward. This is now the only way mostly due to the reason that you must break free from this energetically draining feeling that has arisen because you think there is no right solution.

My online angel card also confirms that you are currently dealing with a situation that entails a half-win. But please know, that you still have every reason to be happy, because a half-win is also a win. In addition, the angels confirm that you will not lose anything due to this alternative path. Not now and not in the future.

With this half-win you are actually directed towards something better that you did not even know to wish for.

As the angels frequently discuss in my weekly horoscopes, we are now living in the new era. They say that the new era does not contain the so-called regular/usual solutions anymore. Even if you want to solve a situation in the old way, we will probably not succeed, because the energies do not support these old solution paths any longer. Thus we are advised to start getting used to the fact that we are now continuously surrounded by unexpected action patterns.

The flower therapy oracle card adds that you will experience a quicker end to this situation if you surround yourself with an energetically protecting shield. One way to create this shield, is by carrying along the abovementioned gemstone (i.e. gemstone for Q2).

Since your shield is meant to help you with your specific situation, then it is advised that you create it yourself. If you do not know yet how to create this shield, then ask your angels for guidance. Ask them, what would act as a shield in your situation. And thereafter listen to their reply. They always reply.

AIR SIGNS (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Messages from Spirit for all Air Signs regarding love and relationships in Q2 of 2017

GENERAL THEME – Learning continuous joy

Gemstone for Q2 – Turquoise
Color for Q2 – Orange

The quarterly gemstone and color mentioned above will help you best harness and handle the energies of Q2 with respect to love and relationships.

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – The sun is out in your life. Time to rejoice! Number 5
Angel Tarot Card – Page of Earth
Guardian Angel Tarot Card – Fair decisions. Number 8
Flower Therapy Card – Uplift your thoughts. Orange lily

The combined messages of these cards are the following:

The angels say that during Q2 of 2017 you will be focusing on learning continuous joy.

To specify – you will be learning how to remain joyful. Life will give you many blessings during Q2. The biggest part of these blessings will be financial. You will of course be happy about these occurrences, but the old habit of worrying will still want to lift its head. It is probably common for you that you tend to worry, even when everything is excellent and the gates of heaven are showering down thousands of gifts at a time.

The angels say that in your case worrying is the root cause for low self-esteem. For some, worrying is also the root cause for gaining body weight.

You are about to experience an extremely positive life period and the angels now ask you to focus your thoughts on all of this positivity on purpose. Since we can only think one thought at a time, then this type of focusing will help you learn how to quit worrying. If you are tired of thinking about one positive thing, then choose the next one, etc. Life will now give you plenty positive details to focus on.

Regarding this exercise, it does not really matter, what you think about, as long as you remain in this positive state of mind, which in turn will keep worrisome thoughts away. But since the angels know that you are a big worrier, they also know that thinking about random positive things would not keep you entertained for too long. And that is precisely why they are now showering so many blessings into your life…so you would have your own personal positive aspects to ponder over.

It is possible that at one point during Q2 these positive occurrences will even seem like too much for you, but the angels ask you not to think about that. Please know that you deserve all this love and all these blessings. They are brought to you with only good intentions.

Positive thinking is not a waste of time. Our whole life begins with the thought level, which in turn means that if you only know how to think worrisome thoughts, then your entire life is a mess. In this case, it really is impossible for you to manifest anything good or peaceful. Worrying creates a jumpy life, where you can never count on anything. Everything will be fleeting in this case, because no matter how good life treats you, you always quickly go back to the worrying channel.

And that is precisely the reason why you now must learn, how to keep your thoughts joyful in a more consistent way.

Energetically important astrological events

The following astrological events have the most powerful and abundant energies in Q2 of 2017:

09.04 – 03.05 – Mercury Retrograde
11 – Full Moon
22 – Lyrids Meteor Shower (peak night)
26 – New Moon

6 – Aquarids Meteor Shower (peak night)
11 – Full Moon
25 – New Moon

9 – Full Moon
21 – Summer Solstice (first day of summer)
24 – New Moon

Full Moon
During the Full Moon it is energetically an excellent time to release and get rid of everything that you no longer want in your life. That includes both physical and non-physical aspects of your life.

New Moon
During the New Moon it is energetically an excellent time to start new things. That also includes both physical and non-physical aspects of your life.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde happens usually 3-4 times per year. It lasts up to 3 weeks at a time. During Mercury Retrograde it is important to relax and understand that technical and bureaucratic matters will suffer at this time. There will be miscommunication and glitches in these areas. It is pretty much inevitable. During Mercury Retrograde it is common to feel that normal everyday life is stagnant. On the other hand it is a very good time for inner reflection, meditation and finishing old projects.

Solstices and Equinoxes
These are celestial events with extremely powerful and potent energies. These energies can influence us both negatively and positively, depending on our own karma. Energies that you have emanated will come back tenfold (or more) during the time of the Solstice or Equinox. Thus these events act like energetic mirrors – they show you your own energetic reflection in vibrant colors, emphasizing everything that needs to be brought to your attention and changing everything that no longer serves your wellbeing. The Solstices and Equinoxes bring about wild and lavish changes both internally and externally.

Meteor Showers
I adore meteor showers. These are celestial events filled with omnipotent love. You can download mental clarity and ancient wisdom from the shooting stars. And yes, the tale about making a wish upon a shooting star is also an accurate comprehension of what is possible during these events. However, the stars understandably do not make pots of gold fall into your lap immediately after making that wish. In order for these wishes to come true, you still must follow your own inner guidance. The celestial help always comes predominantly through your own inner guidance.

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

  • Online Angel Cards by Eva Tenter – these can be found right here on my website. You are welcome to use these anytime. Start from this subpage:
  • Angel & Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
  • Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna
  • Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

Reminder about general horoscopes

Also, just a small reminder that these general horoscopes are general in nature. Hence, they might not resonate with you. Always use your intuition upon deciding which suggestion or piece of advice given in these horoscopes is suitable for you. In addition, the general horoscopes that I make are channelled horoscopes. That means that these are basically energy readings for a certain time period that contain messages from Spirit.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful Q2 of 2017!

Eva Tenter
Psychic Healer/ Medium
Tallinn, Estonia (Northern Europe)

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