Weekly Horoscope 19-25.09.2016

weekly horoscope 38

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Angel Messages for Week 38

Theme of the week – all is well

The cards that wanted to express their messages for the upcoming week:

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – Don’t worry, everything is okay!

The angels reassure you this week that everything is alright. There is nothing to worry about. You have asked your angels for help and now they are confirming that the help is on its way. Some things just take more time …. some more, some less. But everything that has to be taken care of, will be done.

Hold you head high and go forward fearlessly – this is the main message of this card.

Flower Therapy Oracle Card – peer pressure

The Flower Therapy card emphasizes this week that you should never let others opinions affect your decisions and choices. You know in your heart what your true path is and you know, which choices are right for you.

It is true that every person has the right to their opinion, but this does not mean that this opinion should be forced on another person. If a situation arises where someone tries to force something on you, then the only thing you can do is simply not let it affect you. You can never control anyone but yourself. They can try anything, but you do not have to agree to anything. Especially if something does not comply with your own inner guidance. Your self-esteem and self-worth should never suffer because someone tries to manipulate you. You do not have to let that happen.

If someone tries to lead your inner guidance astray this week, then do not let this happen. It doesn’t matter who that person is. Another person is not you and their opinions and manipulations belong to them. You do what you feel is right.

In addition, the angels also emphasize that you should not let the society’s opinions affect you. By this they mean the multitude of opinions that we hear or see from different media channels or other similar places every day. Our inner guidance does not have to be affected by those information outlets.

Just know that your own inner guidance is always the most correct guidance to follow.

Herb Card – oregano (latin origanum vulgare)

According to the Herb Card the prevailing energetic virtue of oregano is relaxing. Oregano energetically relaxes your mind and makes your thoughts lighter.

Use the energy of oregano this week exactly as your inner guidance tells you. You may of course use oregano as a spice, but you may use its energy also in other ways. For example you can simply use the color of oregano flowers in your everyday life (the blossoms of oregano are light reddish pink).

Important astrological events of the week

Fall Equinox 22.09.2016 (Thursday)

Mercury Direct 22.09.2016 (Thursday)

These astrological events are both very powerful energetically on their own. So when they merge during one day, it means extremely forceful energies. Hence this Thursday will be the day when anything can happen. Keep your mind sharp and senses open during that day. Messages from Spirit may fly in from everywhere and also all sorts of wonderful tangible results are possible during that time.

Since astrological events of this size usually affect people energetically a few days in advance and after the event takes place, then this promises to be a very eventful week. Both, in our inner worlds and outer worlds.

During all those events don’t forget – all is well.

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

  • Online Angel Cards by Eva Tenter – these can be found right here on my website. You are welcome to use these anytime. Start from this subpage: https://evatenter.com/kontakt/eng/
  • Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves
  • Herb Cards (original name in Estonian – “Metsamoori taimekaardid taimede sõnumid”) by Irje Karjus

Reminder about the general horoscopes

Also, just a small reminder that these general horoscopes are general in nature and they might not resonate with you. In addition, the general horoscopes that I make are channelled horoscopes. That means that these are basically energy readings for the week that contain messages from Spirit.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Eva Tenter

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