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Weekly horoscope week 40

Weekly Horoscope – weekly messages from Spirit



Angel Messages for Week 40 – for all zodiac signs

Theme of the week – fresh energies

The cards that wanted to express their messages for the upcoming week:

Angel Tarot Card – renewal

Number – 20

This week we will all be receiving a huge amount of fresh energies. Keep your senses sharp and welcome all of these new energies with open arms.

These energies should bring about positive life changes for everyone. Each individual will receive exactly what is best for them and what is for their highest good. All types of small positive changes and occurrences are possible during this week, however this kind of energetic gift certainly has the potential to bring about joyful manifestations that have gigantic dimensions. In any case this energetic wave will be extremely refreshing and appreciated both on the individual and global level.

It is very easy to move in a new direction this week. And it is a very suitable time to give your life a solid make-over. For example, this week you could repaint the walls of your home (or make even more substantial interior design changes), buy some new clothing or take that trip you have long yearned for. The angels confirm that every new idea that you now receive is divinely guided and very beneficial for you. Put these ideas boldly into action and therewith share your happiness and positivity with others as well.

If something has caused you grief or discomfort for a while, then now would be a very beneficial time to revisit, review and generally analyse this situation again. By revisiting this situation you may discover something new. This discovery may lead you to the understanding that all that has happened might not have been so bad after all. It is very likely that you may now see how this situation has even helped you move forward.

If you feel a worrisome thought come about this week, then immediately focus on all the positive aspects that you have in your life. Count all these positive aspects that are already in your possession. Thus you will show your angels and yourself that you are grateful for all the blessings that have already arrived in your life. In addition, this will help you attract more abundance and positivity.

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – all is well

Number – 33

The angels confirm with this card that in the midst of all these rejuvenating energies and changes, you are still safe and everything is still okay. There is nothing to fear. Be as open to these new energies as you can and let them replenish your life abundantly.

Flower Therapy Oracle Card – crab apple and orange lily

Two flower cards popped up this week to help us – crab apple and orange lily. These are the flowers that will help you best harness the energies of this week. Use the energy of these flowers exactly as your inner guidance tells you. For example, you can use the colors of these flowers in your clothing. You can also meditate with photos of these flowers. Thereby you would let the energy of these flowers come about and help you during your meditation. Be creative and use the energy of these flowers exactly as you feel guided to.

Color of the Week – orange

The color that will help you best handle and harness the energies of this week is orange.

Energetically important astrological events of the week

Draconids Meteor Shower on October 7th 2016 (Friday) – peak night

Meteor Showers are celestial events filled with omnipotent love. You can download mental clarity and ancient wisdom from the shooting stars. And yes, the tale about making a wish upon a shooting star is also an accurate comprehension of what is possible during these events. However, the stars understandably do not make pots of gold fall into your lap immediately after making that wish. In order for these wishes to come true, you still must follow your own inner guidance. The celestial help always comes predominantly through your own inner guidance. And remember, the energy of this celestial event will still be available to you, even if you can’t physically see the shooting stars.

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

  • Online Angel Cards by Eva Tenter – these can be found right here on my website. You are welcome to use these anytime. Start from this subpage: https://evatenter.com/kontakt/eng/
  • Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
  • Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

Reminder about general horoscopes

Also, just a small reminder that these general horoscopes are general in nature. Hence, they might not resonate with you. Always use your intuition upon deciding which suggestion or piece of advice given in these horoscopes is suitable for you. In addition, the general horoscopes that I make are channelled horoscopes. That means that these are basically energy readings for a certain time period that contain messages from Spirit.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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