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weeklyhoroscope week 46

Weekly Horoscope – weekly messages from Spirit

November 14 – November 20, 2016


Angel Messages for Week 46 – for all zodiac signs

Theme of the Week – emotional healing

Color of the Week – lavender violet and pink

Gemstone of the Week – citrine quartz

The color and gemstone (crystal) of the week will help you best handle and harness the energies of this week. I have brought out the gemstone of the week first and foremost for everyone, who loves gemstones and feels that gemstones speak to them. So if you are not a fan of gemstones, then you really do not need to focus on the gemstone. But for those of you, who love gemstones, it will be very easy to harness the energy of the weekly gem – you can carry that particular stone with you (a small piece is sufficient) or you can also meditate with that stone. This is especially recommended if you have some difficult situations or questions come up during this week – meditation with the gem of the week might just help clarify the answers and solutions for you.

You can be very creative with the color of the week. For example, you can wear clothing of that particular color during important meetings or events. However, the energy of this color can of course be harnessed in various ways. Be extremely creative with the color of the week.

The cards that wanted to express their messages for the upcoming week:

More cards than usual wanted to pop up for this week, so I will list them all. The message below will still be a combined message of all of these cards, as usual.

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – Notice what is happening in the background! Number 43

Angel Tarot Card – Awakening. Number 12

Flower Therapy Card 1 – Emotional healing. Bleeding heart

Flower Therapy Card 2 – Let go of anxiety. Lavender

Guardian Angel Tarot Card 1 – Eight of Emotion

Guardian Angel Tarot Card 2 – A New Beginning

These cards bring the following combined message:

This week the messages are again meant mostly for all those people who have been experiencing very difficult times (i.e. very harsh energy) for several consecutive years. Hence, the messages are strongly linked to the messages of the four previous weeks.

If you are a fan of gemstones then I am sure that you have noticed that we have been getting citrine quartz as the weekly gem for a few weeks in a row. I shuffle the cards thoroughly before each reading, so this cannot be a coincidence. Thus, we can be sure that citrine quartz really is a key gemstone during this weird time of transitional energy. And we can also be sure that the energies of these past few weeks are strongly linked.

If you recognize yourself in the description above (i.e. you have been experiencing harsh energies for a long time) and you have not read the messages for the previous weeks (week 42, 43, 44, 45), then it is advised that you read these as well, just so you can understand these energies and the combined weekly messages better.

Messages from angels for the upcoming week – look at the circumstances around you from a different angle and take notice of what is actually happening.

The emotional turbulence that has recently been triggered by events in your personal life and by events that are happening globally has come about for a reason. The reason is not negative. Everything is still okay. Please know that despite of the specific people, who carry out different political roles, everything is still completely alright in your life.

The turbulence came about to help us and to push us into a thorough emotional healing session. Both, on an individual and global level.

We must now release old fears and anxiety, so that our energy would be free to welcome all of the positivity that the new era has to offer. Old negative feelings no longer have a place in our energy. Some of this stuff that we are currently globally releasing dates back centuries.

Thus we are currently experiencing and witnessing events, both, on a personal level and on a global level, which help us most productively release the residue of these old negative feelings that we still have lingering somewhere in the back corners of our energetic bodies.

You most likely have wanted to do, see, experience something new and fresh for a long time already. Please know, that you will most definitely get to do all that. You probably already have received some of the blessings of the new era. Now we just need to shake those last pieces of old stagnant energy off of us and thereafter we are good to go. Then we can fly freely to wherever we wish.

The world needs you to fully express your inherent talent. The world is waiting for that. Please know that you have nothing to fear with regard to expressing who you truly are.

During the upcoming week, please keep in mind that if some event occurs that triggers anxiety or fear then that has come up for only one reason – for you to be better able to let that old dust go.

The goal is to reach that emotional state, where nothing can disturb your peace of mind.

The goal is to make the highway of your self-expression completely clear and emotionally clean.

Please know that you do not have to let any event take away your inner peace and happiness. During the new era the events of the so-called outer world will have less and less of importance. Your inner world will now be most significant. To specify, boldly expressing your true self, will now be that X-factor that has the utmost importance.

From the wonderful world of music the song “FC Kahuna – Hayling” describes best the energies that will prevail during the upcoming week.

Energetically important astrological events of the week

  • November 14 – Full Moon (Supermoon; Monday)
  • November 16-17 – Leonids Meteor Shower (peak night; Wednesday-Thursday)

Full Moon

During the Full Moon it is energetically an excellent time to release and get rid of everything that you no longer want in your life. That includes both physical and non-physical aspects of your life.

Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers are celestial events filled with omnipotent love. You can download mental clarity and ancient wisdom from the shooting stars. And yes, the tale about making a wish upon a shooting star is also an accurate comprehension of what is possible during these events. However, the stars understandably do not make pots of gold fall into your lap immediately after making that wish. In order for these wishes to come true, you still must follow your own inner guidance. The celestial help always comes predominantly through your own inner guidance. Even if you physically cannot witness the meteor shower, you can still benefit from the awesome energy of this celestial event.

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

  • Online Angel Cards by Eva Tenter – these can be found right here on my website. You are welcome to use these anytime. Start from this subpage: https://evatenter.com/kontakt/eng/
  • Guardian Angel & Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
  • Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna
  • Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

Reminder about general horoscopes

Also, just a small reminder that these general horoscopes are general in nature. Hence, they might not resonate with you. Always use your intuition upon deciding which suggestion or piece of advice given in these horoscopes is suitable for you. In addition, the general horoscopes that I make are channelled horoscopes. That means that these are basically energy readings for a certain time period that contain messages from Spirit.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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