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2017 horoscope air signs

Yearly Horoscope – 2017


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This is a general horoscope for the year of 2017, for the Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

As usual (with respect to my horoscopes) this is a channelled horoscope, i.e. it contains messages from Spirit/ Angels for the given time period. Hence, it can also be considered a taroscope, an energy reading or a yearly psychic reading.

Please scroll down to read the guidance for your specific zodiac sign.


(May 21 – June 20)

Messages from Spirit for Gemini for 2017

General Theme – Smile
Your Gemstone for 2017 – Red Tiger’s Eye

The general theme for your year is smiling. You will learn how much one easy thing like smiling can improve your life. Just smile and observe what happens. Smiling has healing powers.

Your cards for Q1 (January – March):
Guardian Angel Card – Eight of Abundance
Flower Therapy Card – Echinacea. Open Your Third Eye

You are being encouraged to keep on studying. During Q1 it is energetically a very good time for learning something new. Something that makes you happy. You will likely receive a lot of inspiration at this time to pursue the paths that this energy places in front of you. If you feel the gust of inspiration, then just go with it. The energies of Q1 also provide a very good foundation for changing your career more thoroughly. The thorough changes will be successful if you focus on the details of your plan.

In addition, the Flower Therapy Card says that you are currently being guided into activities, which assist in opening your third eye, i.e these activities will strengthen your intuition greatly.

Your cards for Q2 (April – June):
Guardian Angel Card – Review and Contemplate
Flower Therapy Card – Frangipani/ Plumeria. Raise Your Vibration

The angels confirm that you have achieved a lot in your life and you have much to be proud of. Now it is time to decide what to do next. You will find clarity with respect to your higher calling by contemplating over the past and the present. Therewith do not let the usual thought patterns that arise from mass behaviour get in your way. Be who you are. And find the courage to think how you think.

The Plumeria card says that your intuition is correct. Your intuition is messages from the angels, therefore it is always trustworthy guidance to follow.

Your cards for Q3 (July – September):
Guardian Angel Card – Three of Emotion
Flower Therapy Card – Camellia. You Are Lovable

The third emotion card brings the message of joy. You will soon hear news regarding some joyful event. This event could be an engagement, a wedding, a birth of a child or something similar. It is currently a very good time to connect with new people through hobbies and find new friends. People with similar interests are now drawn to each other. Many new and exciting beginnings are here for you.

The Camellia card encourages you to love yourself exactly as you are. Always remember that you are the perfect creation of Spirit/ Angels/ God. Love every aspect of yourself, because everything that is related to the true you is magnificent and lovable.

Your cards for Q4 (October – December):
Guardian Angel Card – Three of Abundance
Flower Therapy Card – African Violet. Cleanse Your Energy

If you engage in hobbies and activities that you deeply and sincerely love, then this will lead you to discovering your true life purpose. Use and harness your talent boldly and creatively. Also, do not be afraid to learn new things/ aspects about your current hobby. Be conscientious and learn everything that you do not know yet. If necessary, take classes/ courses, find a mentor or just connect with people, who have similar interests.

The African Violet card states that if you release negativity, then you will clearly see the answer to your question (the answer will appear in front of you).


(September 23 – October 22)

Messages from Spirit for Libra for 2017

General Theme – Be Positive
Your Gemstone for 2017 – Angelite

The general theme for your year is learning how to be more positive. You need to learn to think positively, because your thoughts create your reality. If you focus on negative thoughts, then you experience negative occurrences. And vice versa – if you focus on positive, then you experience the positive. But it all begins on the thought level. That is why you need to begin with positive thinking.

Your cards for Q1 (January – March):
Guardian Angel Card – Manifest Your Dreams
Flower Therapy Card – Crab Apple. New Idea

You are ready for your dreams to manifest. There is no need for further preparation. Take the first steps toward your dreams, even if they are little steps. Notice the signs from above that now guide you. They are continuously guiding you in the right direction. If you continue moving forward, then all the necessary tools and support that you need in order for your dreams to come true, will magically appear in front of you.

In addition, the Flower Therapy Card says that your new idea is given to you by Spirit/ Angels and it is meant to be shared with the world/ with other people. Continue working on this idea. You are on the right path.

Your cards for Q2 (April – June):
Guardian Angel Card – Creativity and Abundance
Flower Therapy Card – Forget-me-not. Past-life Healing

Now is the time to take action. You are ready for big steps and courageous action. You have truly become yourself. The energies of Q2 are very creative. Take full advantage of it and use it for beginning new projects. You are being guided to follow your heart during every step of the way. That is the only way true abundance can come to you.

The Flower Therapy Card says that something from your past needs to be healed now. An issue has recently arisen that is stemming from the past. If you heal the past, you will heal the present situation.

Your cards for Q3 (July – September):
Guardian Angel Card – Two of Action
Flower Therapy Card – Orchid. Reach for the Stars

You are being encouraged to trust your own decision-making abilities. You know how to make the exact right decisions. During this time you are surrounded by many opportunities if you just keep on moving forward according to your own inner guidance. It is possible that a new partner will now appear (a work related partner or a romantic partner), who will help you be even more successful from now on. The only problematic area that needs to be taken care of at the moment is avoiding getting stuck in details. Every time you get stuck in details take your focus back on the big picture, i.e. your main goal.

The Orchid card says that you deserve the best. Best options (regarding everything) are now the only options that you should be focusing on.

Your cards for Q4 (October – December):
Guardian Angel Card – A Happy Change
Flower Therapy Card – Hibiscus. Unity

The angels confirm that they have heard your prayers and that they are currently working on manifesting some truly positive changes in your life. Events that have previously felt stagnant in your life will now begin to move forward. Fast solutions appearing seemingly out of nowhere are now very possible. You might have to make some rapid decisions due to the course of action. Be confident and trust your inner guidance upon making these decisions.

The Hibiscus card reminds you that you are spiritually connected to other people. Use this connection to heal yourself and your loved ones.


(January 20 – February 19)

Messages from Spirit for Aquarius for 2017

General Theme – Intuition
Your Gemstone for 2017 – Amber

The general theme for your year is intuition and learning how to develop it. Please know that it is safe for you to use your intuition. If you start using your intuition in your daily life and daily tasks, then you will see the truth.

Your cards for Q1 (January – March):
Guardian Angel Card – Fair Decisions
Flower Therapy Card – Crab Apple. New Idea

The Fair Decisions card says that you have nothing to worry about. The angels know that you have concerns, but they reassure you that everything is okay and that they are already involved in solving the issues that are causing the concerns. Everything will be healed. They also say that regarding the current issue on your mind, it would be beneficial to focus on forgiveness. With this matter at hand, forgiveness can and will bring peace to everyone involved.

In addition, the Flower Therapy Card says that your new idea is given to you by Spirit/ Angels and it is meant to be shared with the world/ with other people. Continue working on this idea. You are on the right path.

Your cards for Q2 (April – June):
Guardian Angel Card – Choose Freedom
Flower Therapy Card – Yellow Rose. Balance work, rest and play

You feel stuck regarding a specific situation in your life. The angels want you to know that you are not stuck. This feeling is only an illusion. You can free yourself from these chains anytime. In order to do that you simply must choose another path. Quickly move your thoughts away from negativity. Instead start imagining all of the possibilities that surround you and that are very easy for you to grasp.

The Yellow Rose card says that you need to focus on balancing work, rest and play time. You cannot go overboard with respecting your obligations. You need to make time for playing (i.e. hobbies) as well. This will keep you balanced and healthy.

Your cards for Q3 (July – September):
Guardian Angel Card – Three of Thought
Flower Therapy Card – Orange Lily. Uplift Your Thoughts

You are being confirmed that the angels surround you with their love at this time. They are here to heal and comfort you. The sadness that you currently feel will dissipate and then you will see, how necessary this situation was on the path of your spiritual development. Take all the time you need to forgive – forgive to yourself and others. Only through forgiveness can you move on with joy.

The Orange Lily card says that you need to uplift your thoughts. Instead of negative issues, focus on all of the blessings that are currently around you. By doing so you release depression, low self-esteem and excess weight.

Your cards for Q4 (October – December):
Guardian Angel Card – A Win-Win Solution
Flower Therapy Card – Calendula/ Pot Marigold. You Are Healed

The Guardian Angel Card says that differences make the world more colorful and they hold power. Great solutions often appear out of your ideas mixing with the ideas of others. Thus, there is no need to fear people, who are different from you. Instead, realize that you can gain additional strength from differences. Start such combining of ideas from aspects that everyone agrees on. Thereafter open your mind to compromise and cooperation and watch how miracles happen.

The Pot Marigold card says that you are healed. All of the healing that you have prayed for, will very soon be here.

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine; Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna; Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

Reminder about general horoscopes

Also, just a small reminder that these general horoscopes are general in nature. Hence, they might not resonate with you. Always use your intuition upon deciding which suggestion or piece of advice given in these horoscopes is suitable for you. In addition, the general horoscopes that I make are channelled horoscopes. That means that these are basically energy readings for a certain time period that contain messages from Spirit.

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I wish you all a wonderful 2017!

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