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Weekly Horoscope – weekly messages from Spirit

November 7 – November 13, 2016


Angel Messages for Week 45 – for all zodiac signs

Theme of the Week – assertiveness

Color of the Week – yellow

Gemstone of the Week – citrine quartz

The color and gemstone (crystal) of the week will help you best handle and harness the energies of this week. I have brought out the gemstone of the week first and foremost for everyone, who loves gemstones and feels that gemstones speak to them. So if you are not a fan of gemstones, then you really do not need to focus on the gemstone. But for those of you, who love gemstones, it will be very easy to harness the energy of the weekly gem – you can carry that particular stone with you (a small piece is sufficient) or you can also meditate with that stone. This is especially recommended if you have some difficult situations or questions come up during this week – meditation with the gem of the week might just help clarify the answers and solutions for you.

You can be very creative with the color of the week. For example, you can wear clothing of that particular color during important meetings or events. However, the energy of this color can of course be harnessed in various ways. Be extremely creative with the color of the week.

The cards that wanted to express their messages for the upcoming week:

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – Do something that you have not done before. Number 63

Guardian Angel Tarot Card – Seven of Action

Flower Therapy Card – New beginnings. Banksia

These cards bring the following combined message:

This week the angels bring messages in two sections. The first section is again meant mostly for all those people who have been experiencing very difficult times (i.e. very harsh energy) for several consecutive years. The second section brings messages that are meant more generally for everyone.

Hence, the first part of these messages is strongly linked to the messages of the three previous weeks. If you are a fan of gemstones then I am sure that you have noticed that we have been getting citrine quartz as the weekly gem for a few weeks in a row. I shuffle the cards thoroughly before each reading, so this cannot be a coincidence. Thus, we can be sure that citrine quartz really is a key gemstone during this weird time of transitional energy. And we can also be sure that the energies of these past few weeks are strongly linked.

If you recognize yourself in the description above (i.e. you have been experiencing harsh energies for a long time) and you have not read the messages for the previous weeks (week 42, 43, 44), then it is advised that you read these as well, just so you can understand these energies and the combined weekly messages better.

So here we go. The first section of the messages – the series of these combined messages began on week 42 (October 17-23). Think back on that week and analyse what happened in your life during that particular week.

The angels described week 42 as the week when we rise from the ashes. And now in hindsight it can be clearly said that the new era that has been discussed for years began on October 23. I call it the era of courageously expressing your true self.

During week 42 you most likely experienced some event or occurrence that was a turning point for you. Now, during the upcoming week, we will see the actual physical results (positive results) that stem from this turning point. So be open to receiving many wonderful blessings during the upcoming week. These blessings have been on hold for you for quite a while. I am sure that some of you can already guess which personal blessings will now occur in your life. These are matters that have been dear to your heart for a long time.

The harsh energies dissipated on week 42 and now on week 45 we will see a more wide picture of what this new era will bring for each of us. This era is revealing itself to us more clearly and vividly with each day. This week we can expect to see some really colorful expressions of this new era.

Therewith everyone will see exactly that which will be brought to them personally by this new era. Because, remember, this is the era that is all about you and about courageously expressing your true self.

The second section of the messages that is meant more widely and generally for everyone (therein of course to all those people as well who got the first section of these messages) – this week we will be learning about assertiveness. More specifically, we will be learning about how to assert ourself in a healthy way.

Assertiveness does not consist of attacking, walking over or disregarding others. Being assertive is actually quite the opposite of all that.

Being assertive means that you kindly protect and stand up for your own beliefs and viewpoints, without feeling guilty for it.

Being assertive means that you understand that it is okay to say “no” when you want to say “no” to something and to say “yes” when you want to say “yes” to something.

Being assertive means that you understand that you and your beliefs and viewpoints matter exactly as much as everyone elses. It means that you feel okay to express that.

Being assertive means that you comprehend your own value and that you sincerely appreciate yourself.

Being assertive means that you do not let others walk over you, but you also do not feel that you need to attack those who try to do that. Instead you are able to calmly express your feelings about the situation and then walk away from it, without feeling guilty about expressing your thoughts about the situation.

Being assertive is one of the most important skills that we have to learn if we wish to live in peace and happiness.

The upcoming week will most likely bring a situation into your life where you have to practise being assertive. You need to show to yourself that you can do this.

My angel card says that we need to do something this week that we have not done before. This means that everyone will most likely experience exactly that type of situation, which has caused the most struggle in the past for them. This is a situation where you have felt that it is very difficult to be assertive. During this week, you task will be to remain assertive in exactly that type of situation.

Perhaps this will be a situation where you have struggled to say “no”. Or it could also be something where you need to say “yes”, but have not had the courage to do that before. This week you most likely have to do the opposite of what you have done before.

In addition, the angels say that in order to completely heal this matter we must also analyse our inner conflict, not just mechanically say “no” where we have previously said “yes” and vice versa.

We must analyse, why we feel that it is not okay to say “no”, when we want to say “no” and vice versa. Perhaps you have been told in the past that you are a bad person if you do not eat everything that is put in front of you? Perhaps someone said this to you during your childhood.

Now is the most opportune time to honestly look within and analyse these questions. If you really were told that you were a bad person for not eating everything, then please know that you were not the one who behaved badly in this situation. The person who said that to you was the one who misbehaved.

Life is full of choices and we need to master the skill of making those choices. It is absolutely essential that we have the courage to make choices based on our own personal preferences. And what is even more important is that our personal preferences need to stem from our intuition. This is an absolute prerequisite to living in peace and happiness.

If we instead make choices based on someones manipulation or rude behaviour, then it should be quite obvious that life cannot be joyful this way. In fact, we are not even living our own life this way. We are living someone elses life that contains their choices. If we have let the manipulations of several people sink into our energy, then we are living a very strange combined life that consists of random choices by random people.

If we do not get conscious and completely awake about our choices, then we are not living a healthy life. And that is exactly why we continuously see that the physical expression of our life is lacking something. That is exactly why we continuously feel that something substantial is wrong with our life and nothing seems to go right even if we try our hardest.

Energetically important astrological events of the week

This week, none of these astrological events occur that I follow and mention in my horoscopes (i.e. full moon, new moon, meteor showers, mercury retrograde, solstices/equinoxes).

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

  • Online Angel Cards by Eva Tenter – these can be found right here on my website. You are welcome to use these anytime. Start from this subpage: https://evatenter.com/kontakt/eng/
  • Guardian Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
  • Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna
  • Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

Reminder about general horoscopes

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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