Weekly horoscope June 19-25, 2017

week 25 horoscope

Weekly Horoscope – weekly messages from Spirit

June 19-25, 2017


Angel Messages for Week 25 of 2017 – for all zodiac signs

Theme of the Week – The limo arrives. Tell the driver, where you wish to go!

Color of the Week – Blue

Gemstone of the Week – Garnet

The color and gemstone (crystal) of the week will help you best handle and harness the energies of this week. I have brought out the gemstone of the week first and foremost for everyone, who loves gemstones and feels that gemstones speak to them. So if you are not a fan of gemstones, then you really do not need to focus on the gemstone. But for those of you, who love gemstones, it will be very easy to harness the energy of the weekly gem – you can carry that particular stone with you (a small piece is sufficient) or you can also meditate with that stone. This is especially recommended if you have some difficult situations or questions come up during this week – meditation with the gem of the week might just help clarify the answers and solutions for you.

You can be very creative with the color of the week. For example, you can wear clothing of that particular color during important meetings or events. However, the energy of this color can of course be harnessed in various ways. Be extremely creative with the color of the week.

The cards that wanted to express their messages for the upcoming week:

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – Choose your preferred means of transport and get going. Number 87

Angel Tarot Card 1 – King of Water

Angel Tarot Card 2 – Knight of Water

Flower Therapy Card 1 – Smile. Sunflower

Flower Therapy Card 2 – Simplify your life. Daisy

These cards bring the following combined message:

Last week two doors opened up and we had to make a choice, which one we would enter. The angels say that the stitching of the two eras will now come to an end. Therewith, everyone will have the right to choose, which energies they personally prefer. They said that choose the door based on your own preferences. And again, they emphasized that you must only listen to your own intuition with this task. Do not make the decision based on what others want or based on what has been done before. Do what you feel is right.

During the upcoming week the heavenly help will arrive that you have asked for regarding these events of the recent past (i.e. the events that the energetic typhoon brought to your attention). The angels say – the limo arrives. Now it is up to you to tell the driver, where you wish to go.

The limo of course can mean different things for different people. The meaning depends on what type of help you have asked for. So your “limo” could be a new job, a new business partner, a new home, a large amount of unexpected money or whatever else you have asked for. This help will be exactly that which you currently need in order to solve the issues that the energetic typhoon stirred up during the past weeks.

The cards indicate that it will be a very emotional week, but I still feel that it will be a much easier week than the past few weeks. Therefore, I believe that the emotional side of this week will be mostly about an emotional evolution. We will now find ways to finally open up to heavenly help. In addition, we will understand more deeply, how we can arrange our lives in a happier pattern. Since the stressful aspects of life mostly come from action patterns (i.e. not from specific details), then the pattern must change in order for life to become more joyful.

The song that describes this week is the same as two weeks ago (the song is listed a few paragraphs below). This is very unusual that I feel that the same song describes the energies of two weeks that are so close together. At least this has not happened before. Hence, I feel that there must be a strong link between the weeks number 23 and 25. Although the past 4 weeks are all very strongly tied to the next one, I feel that there is something more peculiar happening regarding the weeks 23 and 25. So check back, what happened in your life during the week no 23. There could be some important clues there about what will happen now.

In any case, the focus of the upcoming week will still be on the topics of money (including material possessions, real estate etc), work and studying. The issues that the typhoon stirred up mostly concern these topics. The angels have already told us not to worry – everything that got stirred up, had to come to an end this way. These situations had to include malicious manipulation and that in turn is the main reason, why these issues have now been brought sharply into your personal focus.

The energies of the new era do not support malicious manipulation. Thus, we can also look at the current events as an elimination process of these manipulators. But the angels do not wish to discuss these events from that aspect, because their main goal is to help everyone with a soul find their true (soul) path in life. Since the current focus is on money, work and studies, then it is clear that we are currently all being guided to our true paths mostly regarding these topics.

I asked the angels to specify, where we are actually headed regarding these topics. Is there a certain destination? They said that there are currently two parallel destinations – on one side we are headed toward mental stability and on the other toward discovering our personal special features. They explain further – we can truly manifest anything into our lives, but this can only happen from a point of mental stability. What does this mean? This is that point, where you do not let anything bother you anymore. This is the point of understanding – truly understanding – that other people do not have any authority in your life. Only you have the right to choose what to do with your life and only you can feel your way home through all the outer circumstances – home to wherever it is you wish to go. Others can act whatever way they choose to act. This doesn’t have to upset you at all – no matter how crazy they seem around you. They can amp up their actions to maximum craziness and it still does not have to affect you. You can still achieve anything, go anywhere, feel safe etc. Your feelings are your own, your life is your own, your choices are your own. Nobody can take them from you – ever. And nobody can actually force you to do something if you just refuse to do it. You can be completely safe 24/7, anywhere you go. As the angels said last week – understanding is something that cannot be put into someones head. Understanding something is a process that has to evolve naturally. A person has to reach an understanding on their own. Thus, the angels say – when you reach an understanding regarding the information written in this paragraph, then you have reached the point of mental stability.

Regarding discovering our personal special features – the previously mentioned manipulations have included teachings about how humans can have a safe or “normal” life only when they conform to what is considered average. But since everyone is naturally designed to be special and unique, then there actually is no “average” anything. Average does not exist. Due to these manipulations humans have been trained to always seek the most average path in their thoughts, no matter what the task at hand is. This is completely artificial. Since you have all been designed to be unique, then as long as you seek average solutions, you will feel deprived and small. This automatic thinking pattern that directs you to average paths is actually killing your soul, piece by piece. To sum it up – your second parallel destination is to reach an understanding about the information written in this paragraph.

Once you have reached these two destinations, you can manifest anything for yourself and by yourself.

An additional message from the flower therapy cards – if the issues that you currently have to face, start to burden you, then just smile. Without a reason – just smile. This will make your energy lighter immediately. In addition – focus on simplifying your life. The angels strongly recommend that you do not take the most difficult paths right now. If you see a simple solution somewhere, then take it.

From the wonderful world of music the song “Sia-Chandelier” describes best the energies that will prevail during the upcoming week. And once again, I note that this song (lyrics+music) is not that important with respect to this weekly horoscope. The combined energy that it carries is important here. To specify – this is the reason, why I mention a song each week…to me the combined energy of that particular song is similar to the energy of the upcoming week.

Weekly Meditation

Starting from the horoscope of week 47 (2016), the angels are guiding me to let you know that my nature photos have energetically healing properties. Since I have used my nature photos as the photos for my online angel cards, then from now on, my online angel card that pops up as the weekly card, can also be used as a meditation device that will help you manifest your dreams or help you find a solution to some situation.

My online angel cards are free and you can start using them on this subpage – https://evatenter.com/kontakt/eng/

With respect to the meditation of the upcoming week, go to the angel cards and locate the card:

Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter – Choose your preferred means of transport and get going. Number 87

Once you have found this card, you can see a nature photo in front of you. (If more than one card popped up as the weekly Online Angel Card by Eva Tenter, then choose the one that you feel most drawn to as your weekly meditation card.) To meditate with this photo, just sit back and relax. Look at this photo and think about your dream that you would like to manifest or about that situation that you would like to solve. Shut off all other programs on your computer so that nothing can disturb you and just softly gaze at this photo. You can listen to your favourite music in the background.

While looking at the photo, think about your dream or the situation for which you are seeking a solution. With regard to dreams, think about some very practical matters that would come about with the manifestation of your dream. With regard to finding a solution, think about how your life would be different if that situation had already been solved. Really think about practical matters and steps that would be essential in order for your desired outcome to be able to come to life.

Think about such practical matters in as much detail as possible.

And thereafter be prepared for something to occur in your life that might have been called a miracle before. In the new era, a lot of the things we used to consider miracles become a normal part of our everyday lives. We can be sure of that.

Energetically important astrological events of the week

  • June 21 – Summer Solstice (first day of summer) (Wednesday)

  • June 24 – New Moon (Saturday)

New Moon
During the New Moon it is energetically an excellent time to start new things. That also includes both physical and non-physical aspects of your life.

Solstices and Equinoxes
These are celestial events with extremely powerful and potent energies. These energies can influence us both negatively and positively, depending on our own karma. Energies that you have emanated will come back tenfold (or more) during the time of the Solstice or Equinox. Thus these events act like energetic mirrors – they show you your own energetic reflection in vibrant colors, emphasizing everything that needs to be brought to your attention and changing everything that no longer serves your wellbeing. The Solstices and Equinoxes bring about wild and lavish changes both internally and externally.

Cards that I used in this horoscope:

Online Angel Cards by Eva Tenter – these can be found right here on my website. You are welcome to use these anytime. Start from this subpage: https://evatenter.com/kontakt/eng/
Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
Gems Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna
Flower Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves

Reminder about general horoscopes

Also, just a small reminder that these general horoscopes are general in nature. Hence, they might not resonate with you. Always use your intuition upon deciding which suggestion or piece of advice given in these horoscopes is suitable for you. In addition, the general horoscopes that I make are channelled horoscopes. That means that these are basically energy readings for a certain time period that contain messages from Spirit.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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